Monday, June 16, 2014

Update January letters

Hello everyone, I  am working on an update of Alex’s letters over the past few months, he is doing really well and seems very happy and enjoying what he is doing!!  I did get to see his lovely face on Mother’s Day and that was just a fabulous treat for the family.
January letters
January 20, 2014
Hi Mom, I am very glad to hear that you are doing well. Every month or so I listen to my setting apart by President Chugg& I know & remember everything will be all right back home.
I am great:) in terms of just me I am healthy, I am happy, I am working hard & great things are happening.
So the work is really coming along here! Vulyo is back from the Czech Republic & we met with him yesterday & he is still committed to progress in the gospel, follow Christ, & be baptized. We will be handing him off to the other Elders in our district because he lives in their area. But we will have daily contact & continue to support him. The other Elders have an investigator named Toshko who also has a date & he has been handed to us because he lives in our area haha so we switched investigators with baptismal dateshaha. He is a cool man & I am excited to see them repent & be baptized. Sister Teodora is AMAZING she is THE BEST member here in Pazardjik& she is the youngest! She helps with many lessons & she is so willing & she is progressing so much. She is even finding people for us to teach! Such a blessing.This next coming week the whole group will be getting callings & we will be one step closer to becoming a branch. We are continually looking for people to teach.

This last week we had Zone Conference & it was AMAZING. We were trained for 8 hours straight by President Bennett who is in the area Presidency for the East Europe Area. Sooo many notes.Tooo many notes haha.
The weather is very warm here. It is in between winter & spring. But it is really warming up.
The other Elders live pretty close to each other.
I have had so many rich experiences. I have felt the spirit so much & I am learning so much.I love you & the family so much. You are so dear & close to my heart. Continue to work hard, have balance in your life, & stay close to the Lord & family.

Pray for Toshko&Vulyo. I love you! Love your son:) Elder Gustafsson

This picture was sent from one of the couple missionaries

Sorry this isn't a better picture but we were at zone conference and I couldn't help but take his picture because this is how intently he listened, the whole 9 hours!  The longest zone meeting we've had but Elder Bennett from the 70's & The Eastern Europe Area Presidency, was our speaker.  Along with Pres. Wilstead, it was an amazing conference.

Elder Gustafsson asked some great questions and when his companion Elder V. shared his testimony he told about how he was happy to end his mission with Elder Gustafsson, because he has been the most caring companion that he's had.  How he listens to how Elder V. Feels and that they have had a great many talks that he will always cherish.  He really is a great kid and missionary (I can say kid, they are all so young or I'm just getting old). 

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