Monday, June 16, 2014

More March letters

March 17th 2014
 A training cycle is usually 3 months (2 transfers) & Elder Munson & I just finished our first transfer together but I guess they really liked me in Sofia because they are transfering me to Sofia to be a zone leader. My new companion is Elder Maxwell & he has 3 months left on his mission so I will meet up with him in Sofia tomorrow. I am already packed & everything is ready to go.
So in light of all of this it has been an interesting week. I said good-bye to everyone especially Sister Teodora. It is hard to leave her because I have been with her since the beginning. She is so young in the gospel, but at the same time she is so strong so it's hard leaving her. But the Lord has a plan!
We also had zone training this week which was very good & uplifting. I learned a lot. 
Thank you for sending the package I am waiting for it patiently haha.
We have been doing a lot of good this week. The weather is amazingly warm & pleasant & I have felt really good helping people & preaching the gospel.
I am excited & grateful for the new opportunities I will have this next transfer. We had interviews with President Wilstead this week also which was very nice. Every time I meet with him or hear him I learn something.

I have the great opportunity to see Elder Stratton before he goes home in 3 months because he is still a zone leader;) he is also super excited haha.
YOU MUST GO TO ELDER STRATTON'S HOMECOMING WHEN HE RETURNS. You must get acquainted with his family they are amazing.
I love you:) there are a lot of new things going on & as we follow Preach My Gospel & the guidelines humbly we will have success.

I love you & the family:) have a great week! Remember to do the small & simple things: Daily prayer, scripture study, serving others & loving them & repenting.
Love you son, Elder Gustafsson
ps. Again everything is fine with my health if anything comes up you will be the first to know.

March 24th 2014

So here I am in Sofia haha it has been an interested week. I don't really have time for anything! haha We are always calling at lunch, dinner, & in the evenings but it is nice & it is not too crazy. My companion's named is Elder Maxwell he is from New York. He has only two transfers left; this one & the next one. Sofia is hugeeeeeeee! There are 4 companionships here in Sofia so the city is divided into 4 parts. Our part is the size of probably 10 Pazardjiks or Hackovos put together so it is quite a difference. We have about 100 members or so, maybe even 120 at church weekly but there are over 200 who are inactive so there is a lot of member work. I really like the work here in Sofia. We have been meeting with this woman named Yulia who is a part member family. She will be getting baptized this saturday. 
Our apartment is really nice haha:) it's a huge upgrade from my last two apartments. Zone leader duties aren't that complicated or special, we just make a lot of calls. But I am doing my best to get to know everyone in the zone & make sure they feel loved & cared for. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve not only the people of Bulgaria but also the missionaries. 
I am happy &healthy:) I can send you photos now so I hope you are happy about that:)

I love you so much Mom:) I get to see you & the family in a month (mother's day) so that is very exciting:)

Love, Elder Gustafsson

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