Monday, June 16, 2014

Some February Letters

February Letters
February 3rd 2014
It is so incredible to see Shawn. He looks completely full of light! Tell him to send me an email, I would love to talk to him!
Well I have some news. It definitely was transfers this week. I will be training a new missionary here in Pazardjik. This means I will stay here for 3 more months, which lands me right at my year mark which is just mind boggling. I am grateful for the opportunity & privilege to train a new missionary, it's a special responsibility.
I saw Elder Vassau off today. It truly was a pleasure to serve with him, he is one of the best missionaries this mission has seen. Again I am just blown away by the photos of Shawn. He looks so bright. I am so proud of him. He served a faithful mission & it's not an easy thing.
I am doing very well. I have learned many things this transfer.So in my district here we will have Elder Watson (my companion in Hackovo! haha) he is the district leader & he will be with Elder Johnson who is in my mtc group & I will be training the new missionary, we don't know who he is yet, they are not in country yet. My trainer, Elder Stratton, , just went Zone Leader & he has only 4 months left it is crazy! Anton (the man Elder Stratton & I baptized in Hackovo) will be getting the Melchizedek Priesthood soon, he will be having his interview this week. I am so happy for him & that he is progressing.
The mission is improving, & I am improving & changing & progressing.
I love you & the family so much:) be good! work hard! Have faith!
Love your son, Elder Gustafsson:)

February 10 2014
I am doing very well. I have my new companion, his name is Elder Munson. He is from San Diego California:) We got Elder Vassau off very well. When we were in Sofia Elder Vassau's dad emailed President Wilstead& he said this "My son is not the same person I sent two years ago. I love the new one & I don't want the old one." I thought it was very powerful. Elder Vassau in his final testimony to President & the others was "I am a changed man" & again I thought that was so powerful & it led me to reflection. I hope that I become/am becoming a much better person & completely change for the better.
The weather here is really starting to pick up already. Today is very sunny &beautfiul there isn't even a need for a coat.
It has been an interesting experience this week. There was a lot of traveling at first & such because my companion & the other new missionaries don't get picked up by us until Wednesday. The mission is changing: we are striving to become better teachers & teach all the time especially on the street & I have seen a huge difference in the work already. We found this wayyy awesome woman named Lypka who is about 40ish. I think she has great potential. Toshko&Vulyo have fallen off but the work is really picking up because we found new investigators & taught a lot this week even with the crazy schedule & all the traveling! We also tracted into this awesome family of three. They are young & way nice. Their names are Borislava, Bogi, & their daughter Vasi. We will pray for them & continue to work with them.
As I have been training I have truly realized how much Bulgarian I know haha. It's incredible how much I understand & how much I can speak! Your prayers really helped me:) I am so grateful for the help. It has just been an interesting process training & leading. I don't really like being called a leader or being a leader. I like minding my own & just working hard & not having any attention. I also feel a bit inadequate but the Lord called me so I will do my best even though I have many flaws. The Lord has given me this rare opportunity to love, help, & serve others & to learn new things for my own progression.I love you Mom, I love you & the family. I know God is taking care of you, keep enduring, keep choosing the right actively.

Love me, your son, Elder Gustafsson

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