Monday, June 16, 2014

March 3rd and 10th

March 3rd 2014
Today is a really big holiday for Bulgaria. It is the day the Russians freed the Bulgarians from the 500 year "Turkish Yoke"
Everything is going well haha there is no need to worry. I have just had this thing on my arm & they are removing it so don't worry haha:)
This week has been interesting. The downer was that Lybka's husband doesn't want her to associate with us so we can't meet with her anymore. But she believes the Book of Mormon is true & everything else so we are keeping in contact with her  as well as doing our best to work with her through members. Hopefully one day her husband's heart will soften.
Yes I have spoken with Sister Teodora:) she is very happy & grateful for the help & she is really excited. No we have not had a relief society here. We are literally laying the foundation here in Bulgaria.
I looked at Familysearch& I was so impressed! But I realized that on Grandpa Gustafsson's side with his father the info isn't there on the site & I don't know why.
The work is still going:) haha& the companionship is going very well. It's exhausting being a trainer haha so hopefully I don't have to do it more than once.
So I will explain the arm in a little more detail because I know you like details but DON'T WORRY. haha Focus on the things there! So when I was with Elder Vassau this thing was growing on my arm & it is small but it looked like a blood blister & it just hasn't gone away. So I called the doctor & sent a picture & he said he simply needs to be removed. So tomorrow I am going to Sofia it will be removed then I will return &work:)
There is a lot of great potential here, we are doing our best & we are striving to improve. We are still building the church here.

I love you Mom:) again Don't worry haha everything will be fine. Keep keeping the commandments, doing excellently at work, exercising every day, loving & supporting the family, & growing spiritually:)

March 10th 2014
I am doing very well:) today at 6.00 pm our time I am getting this thing removed. I don't really know what that will entail so that's all I have to tell you concerning that haha. It should be pretty simple. We'll send you another email to update you.
I received grandma's package. Will you please thank her personally for me? Thanks
This week has been great:) We have had a lot of great experiences. I would like to share two which happened:
So in the last few district meetings I have received a lot of inspiration. They are things I have heard before but I have been trying to apply them. One example was in following the spirit. The promptings of the spirit will usually come first. If you dismiss it or start thinking of anything else or disregard it in some way those are all from Satan. So always act on the first prompting even if you don't understand it.
So yesterday we left the apartment after lunch & our language study to find people to teach. We decided we were going to head to an area with blocks to tract near Sister Teodora's house. As we went we passed a little street & I had just the smallest little thought which said to go down there. In about 3 seconds I thought: well I've never been down that street, it's small, there's not a lot of people there, & we are heading towards this place so no. I then immediately recalled the lesson learned in district meaning (actually the spirit reminded me) & I thought again & said let's go down that street. So we turned around & went down the street & nobody was there. In reality though it was heading towards the same blocks which we planned to visit so we continued. We turned to a new street which lead back to the main street. On my right a saw a block with a door & I had the prompting to go try it. As we walked towards the door I saw a man very close to it & decided no let's not go there because it could be weird trying the door while he watches. So I look at the other side at another block which is directly across from where we are standing & we see a block with an unlocked door wide open. So we go to tract it:)
We enter in & we knock on the first door that has people in it & a woman opens the door. We say to her the same things we normally do: Do you believe in God? According to you who is God etc. She said she believed something was there but doesn't really know exactly what it is. We asked if possible how could we find out who this God is. She said I don't know but I am reading something right now I will go grab it.
She returns & she had been reading Our church's Plan of Salvation pamphlet. With a huge grin on my face I pulled out the same pamphlet & said "Oh you mean this pamphlet? This is us:) haha. We got her info, she has a 1 year old son & she is married. We are hopefully meeting tomorrow. It was such a huge blessing because it was all possible because we followed the spirit & it really strengthened my testimony.
The spirit is with us, & it truly does speak soo softly & gently. We have to act on those first promptings. When we were baptized we were promised the companionship of the Holy Ghost if we are worthy. I know we have it & we need to follow it.
The week has been great & I have a dozen other experiences. But another time:)
I am happy &healthy:) The companionship is going very well. I am so happy to be here working. I love the work.

I love you all dearly:) I will write to you soon & don't worry, everything will be fine.

Love your son, Elder Gustafsson

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