Monday, June 16, 2014

More February

February 17th 2014
I am so glad to hear you went to Brother Vassau's farewell! That is just super! Like I said he is an incredible missionary, I learned so much from him & hope you get the opportunity to really get to know his family. I look up to him a lot.
Brother Leonhardt& Brother Bryce are great missionaries too & were great leaders in the mission:) I am so happy you got to see them all:) I love them all dearly!!
If you see Brother Vassau again soon you could say.. There is a gripfull of work, it's in my wheel house & things are going very well. Tell him I am expecting an email from him when things cool down &Dimitur (the older man who is an english student) came to church & he is now investigating the church. We had a lesson with him & Sister Gergana but had to turn him over to the other missionaries because he lives in their area but we will continue to call him:)
So please deliver that whole message to him:)
We are eating plenty! I eat a banana, apple, eggs, cereal, & whole wheat toast along with a muti vitamin every morning. We eat chicken & rice for dinner. I love rice. & we buy out occasionally sandwiches. We eat a lot, enough.
You can send this out to Bishop Gray, or the emails if you still do it. I have his email, I just forgot to bring it today for emailing. You can let him know, or I will, that I got the envelope of letters from the ward & that I appreciate it:)
This week we had a leadership training for just leaders in the mission from all over the country. It was truly a rewarding experience. I got to see Elder Stratton for probably the last time as a missionary. He only has about 4 months
 As a side note Sister TeodoraDydova, our convert here in Pazardjik loves family history. She is really seeking help. This week we had a lesson on family history & I recommended you! My mother because you are an expert:) find her on Facebook & Family search/tree & help her if you could:)
I love you Mom, I love the whole family:) I look forward to hearing from Shawn sometime. I understand if he is busy though. Keep choosing the right, be anxiously engaged, & go & do!
Love your son:), Elder Gustafsson

February 24th 2014
I am so glad you were able to see Brother Vassau, I hope he is adjusting well. I am also very glad you are talking with Sister TeodoraDydova& that you are helping her it makes me very happy:)

That is so exciting about those mission calls! They will do great!
Let me tell you about this last week: We had zone training which was very nice & I learned a lot like always. But I wanted to tell you a bit about Lybka. Lybka has a date for March 15th & she is progressing very well. She is an incredible woman & she is reading a lot from the Book of Mormon & she has come to church twice. So we are very excited for her. Continue to pray for her Daily! 

I have so many special experiences as I am out here. The mission is just an incredible experience. 

I will share others stories with the family. I love You Mom:) keep going! I am so grateful that you are my mother, there is no one like you. Not only are you my mother but you are my friend:) Always remember that. 

Love your son:), Elder Gustafsson

Love your son:), Elder Gustafsson

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