Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bulgaria Week 9


What is going on here first:) We have a few investigators: S….., C……, & I…. (the most common names here are Ivan & Georgi it is hilarious haha because every other person we meet has one of these names) They are all progressing but we will see how things go. We had a very successful week last week with numbers & such. For some reason it felt soo long haha but very good & rewarding.

There are two weeks left in the transfer & Elder S…… has the feeling he will go, & I believe him. So anything can happen; I could stay, I could go, he could stay, he could go. But it has been an amazing experience & I have learned so much from him. Even when I thought I had learned everything I needed to I still learn more! Again the top two things that i have learned so far are patience & listening. Patience is definitely the first though.

We find people through street contacting still haha it is a thrill. I love missionary work! Every day I just beam with joy because I love it:) I learn so much during my personal studies. Many, many things have been impressed upon my mind. Many things for now & in the future. It's almost too much!
Yesterday (Sunday) we had the great privilege of having President & Sister Wilstead in Hackovo with us:) It was so awesome! I got to talk to them a bit & get to know them better. President Wilstead is seriously the coolest. He is so bold & powerful. I wanted to get to know more about them & I did which was cool. I will tell dad a bit when I write him because I know he will be interested. I had my first interview with him, I guess there are 4 a year. So it was nice:)
The church is focusing so much upon families, which would at first seem obvious because we have known this, but I never realized how much.

Strengthen the family. Live the Family Proclomation. Have family home evenings. Read & pray together every day? Will you & Dad do this? Encourage our new little family as well. I have realized more how imporatant family is!







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