Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bulgaria Week 5

To sum up though haha church service is only 30 min Sacrament, small break, then sunday school. & that is it haha. Our investigator’s family is completely against the church.. so they have forbidden him to come. But we are working on that so it is all good haha. We survived the first transfer so I am staying here with my companion to finish my training. Things are picking up again:) Missionary work is incredible & works in mysterious ways haha. I have met a few more chess people & I might play on today so we will see what happens today. It is not a huge tool that I have been using though. With time we will see how it goes. The members meet at a little building that is actually pretty good sized but nothing like a chapel. There are two room, a small office & two bathrooms. No home or visiting teaching. No ward missionary. Very simple:) haha 

Things are just great. I have been learning so much. Impossible to explain.

I wish the best for this week. Emails have been terrible today.

Reason, pray, reason, pray, do.

God knows us all so perfectally & is in the details of our lives.

I am safe, I am healthy, i love every moment here. Time flies by & I don't want to miss a minute. Everything is put into place. The first law of the kingdom of heaven is obedience.

Prayer, the Holy Ghost, & our relationship with God the Father was really impressed upon my mind this week. God knows you & loves you. Trust him.

Faith is action. Prayer is specific & heartfelt.

I have learned so much about patience & listening hahah. & boy did I need it:)

I love you all, I wish the best for the wedding & thank you all for the birthday wishes.

Things have been really interesting here.. it is completely impossible to explain what goes on here. There is just so much. So much goes through my mind about so many different things. I have so many things I want to ask you haha & so many thoughts & little things to say & tell.  

I have survived the first transfer. It was amazing.  

So I am still here with my same companion. I am really focusing on the work. I don't struggle with anything..  

Our investigator is having large struggles with his family, but he knows this is all true. So it is a process. I love being our here & working. I can't fathom how I do this every day & life continues on & all the things you & my family do.

This week my understanding of God as my Father, the sacredness & specialness of prayer, & the role of the Holy Ghost have been strongly impressed upon my mind this week. My perspective has completely changed. Something for you to contemplate if you would like is truly your nature as a daughter of God. How well he really knows you. He hears & knows everything. All your thoughts, desires, needs. It just changes the way you think of prayer.  

So pray:) pray always! About everything. Listen for an answer. Listening in general is something that I have been learning A LOT about.


Things are great here. Stuff happens for good & bad every day haha missionary work is crazy! I don't understand how the Lord works. I just have to trust Him & he makes it happen.


God knows us!!


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