Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bulgaria Week 8

Things have been hectic. For example today I am starting my emailing an hour later than normal because there was no room in the internet zala where we use the computers. So we went & did our shopping at Kaufland (it is like a store it is really nice) & got our for food the week.  

This last week, like all other weeks have just flown by & I have learned a lot. The saying "the longest days & shortest weeks" on your mission is true! Yes I can't believe I am already 4 months out! In two months I will already be 1/4 of the way done!  

I have many precious spiritual experiences like one this morning. I studied the Atonement, just the Atonement. I received many important things & made some important realizations. My perspective has definitely changed

Elder S……. has had the greatest influence upon me. He is just full of the spirit & I learn so much from him & the Holy Ghost. He will have truly changed the entire course of my mission. It is hard to believe that I might only have 3 weeks left with him.  

Last P-day I played chess with Miroslav from the city of Plovdiv. I don't know when but he was the champion of Plovdiv (which is the second largest city in Bulgaria) we played 3 games then a fourth. 

I won, drew, won, & then decided to play a 4th & I lost. It was very thrilling! Haha because he is good & I felt at home:) I played very recklessly because it was very fun & excited! I felt like Mikhail Tal doing all these crazy sacrifices. It was just really fun & enjoyable:)
I love every thing happening here:) I am so happy.

Let me talk about C…….. He has been so difficult haha. Soooo difficult. But he is getting baptized. He really wants to be baptized! He is a very interesting & tricky character. He is sooo smart. So he has so many questions & they are difficult to answer because he doesn't have the foundation. So we are teaching him all of the commandments Tuesday. He will be baptized here or back in Holland where he lives. It has been quite the experience.

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