Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bulgaria Week 10

My eating has been slowly improving. I have been studying my "Where's mom now that I need her book" to come up with new ideas. After emailing we will head to the store. 
I am not cooking food just yet. I made a realization yesterday that I don't know exactly how to handle/cook/prepare any kinds of meats. So I would love some advice on that. 

It is getting cooler here. We bust out our sweaters from time to time, like right now:) I don't know exactly when I will need/get the coat. Only time will tell.

A lot of good things have been happening, it has been a good week. We had zone training where I learned SO MUCH & how to be so much better. So I am constantly trying to improve & think of creative ways to be a better missionary in all aspects. I am constantly just learning & absorbing information & trying to keep track of it all. Different kinds of things for not just spiritual things & missionary things but about life & leadership & the home. It is incredible!

I received an email from Brock that he got his call to Guatemala I think? that is super! Who else have received calls in our ward?

I studied a beautiful topic that was on my mind this morning that I studied/read a little bit yesterday. It was the conversion of the Anti Nephi Lehies. I wanted to understand more why they were so converted & how so I can apply it to myself & to other people here like members & investigators. It was beautiful & I found it all in Alma 23-25 I believe. The believed! They knew the knowledge of the truth & they believed it. Not only that but they hid their "weapons of rebellion" Our weapons of rebellion are our sins, our favorite sins even. They can be anything. If we put them away & covenant with God to never do them again we become so much stronger. They would rather die than sin. They knew the things were true through the power of the Holy Ghost.

I thought it was incredible. We then studied how to prepare for our investigator. I read this verse in Mosiah, Mosiah 4:19 & it was so powerful, it touched me deeply. Are we all not beggars? Think about it.  

We only have one week of this transfer. I don't want to leave Hackovo, there is so much more for me to do. But be it according to God's

There was a wedding outside our apartment in the morning. Bulgarian weddings are so awesome! Haha 
APPLY WHAT I RECOMMEND. Pray for my Bulgarian I really need help.!!!



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