Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MTC Week 4

Week 4 from the MTC gathered from a few letters written during the week. June 1 through June 8 2013
Elder G with Alexander Gustafsson

Elder C with Alexander Gustafsson

These are a couple of missionaries that are in Alexander's Zone. They all hang out together on P-Day.

Hello family, I hope all is well!  I have had you on my mind from time to time, and I hope that all is well! This week I had a lot of great experiences. I feel like I am becoming a better teacher. Twas humbling indeed! I had the opportunity to teach a native Bulgarian in TRC. My Bulgarian is coming along quite well, it will just take time. One of the Elders told me I was an intimate communicator. That is the weirdest thing I have ever heard and have no idea what it means!
I have really loved studying the Book of Mormon.
I love hearing all the interesting things that are happening at home.  I realized that Ingela's birthday is coming soon. Mom it looks like you will get to be there this time since I won't be at the International Chess Festival this year. The first time missing in 3 years.
As a Zone we are trying to learn 25 words a day in Bulgarian so that we can increase our vocabulary. As I am learning the new words for the day I try and go back and review the previous words. It is quite difficult I have discovered the Missionary Pattern: you leave home, dislike the MTC and miss home, then you arrive in your missionary country, you miss the MTC and don't really like your new country, then you love your new country and have to leave to go home, you miss your country and dislike home. You can never be happy :(.
I have discovered that it is weird to write in English. It is quite humorous actually, I think and dream in Bulgarian. I am working really hard to create experiences to share with you each week. Love to you and all the family Elder Gustafsson, your son.

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