Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Alexander Week 5 from MTC

Week 5 from the MTC June 10 to June 15 2013

A few pictures on P-Day . Me, my zone, and Elder V's Birthday

Hey family, I have been thinking about our trials and naturally difficult times will come when amazing things are about to the Book of Mormon every morning (like really study) & I promise you will have strength to get through the day also if you pray. Always pray:) I am trying to be more exactly obedient because we have been promised miracles if we do so.  I have been learning so much! It is crazy! My Bulgarian is improving so much, I am excited to call you on my way to Bulgaria so you can all get to hear awesome Bulgarian:) We have officially ended our 5th week I cannot believe I am going to be actually in Bulgaria in less than a month it is so exciting I am very excited to go. Next Wednesday 12 news Bulgarians are arriving it will be super awesome. As I have been setting goals & truly following through with them I have had incredible results. have been trying new things like play futbol (soccer) I scored 3 goals in one game! I have been learning to box from an Elder in my zone & I have been telling people about chess players like Bobby Fischer I love when people are interested in that kind of stuff:) I have been singing in the choir for a very large special event taking place on June 23rd of which I am sure you have heard about called the Missionary Work..  hahah I don't know what it is called exactly. But the First Presidency will be running it & it is historical.
The stuff you sent me from your Stake and Ward Conference was awesome about the 4 X 4 plan These are things I have been thinking and working on.
1.) Pray always
2.) Study the Book of Mormon daily
3.) Express gratitude to the Lord for your blessings
4.) Attend the blessing of the temple, especially since I won't have it
5.) Treasure the friends & family you now enjoy
I have been learning and understanding the importance and role of the Book of Mormon. It is so Powerful. I love it!!
Their are several Croatians in my Zone and it has been really great getting to know them and listen to their language. I am sending you a Croatian Book of Mormon to keep. Bulgarian and Croatian are super close! We still have SYL (Speak your language) days. We need to do 20 a month. I am very interested in hearing some stories about Grandpa Kallen, I know practically nothing about him. I would also like some recipies from Croatia.
As a zone we are really trying to serve one another and to pray together more. It has really helped. I feel like I am becoming a better teacher when it comes to the Gospel. It has also been really great to hear all the other languages being spoken. I can't believe I have been here for a month already.
I have been studying the Book of Mormon seriously and I have really been liking it. My testimony is growing. I feel like time has been flying by so fast. I read this great talk called "The Fourth Missionary." It has really changed my perspective. Many things have touched my heart here and I feel like the Lord is guiding me.  I love what I am doing. I love you all.
Elder Gustafsson
P.S. Be strong & endure, I know there are trials but you can handle it if you rely on the Lord.
I love you so much, I love being here & I am so excited for Bulgaria.

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