Monday, May 6, 2013

Final Preparations

Well here we are, today is Monday May 6th & I am officially arriving at the MTC this Wednesday at about 12:45 p.m. It is crazy how fast time has flown by. It was already about 5 months ago I received my mission call to Bulgaria. It was a huge blessing that I had such a long wait because I was not ready & had many other things on my plate. I thought for this post I would talk a little bit about what I have been doing the last month for my final preparations. So let's go back to April 6th & see what I was doing.

At the time of about April 6th 2013 I was busy working at Challenger School teaching chess 5 days a week at two different campuses while at the same time weaving in private chess lessons. Besides work I have been trying to balance spending time with my family, friends, & girlfriend as well as learning Bulgarian, studying chess, exercising, & studying the gospel, so I have been quite busy. 

My last chess tournament I was planning on playing was my favorite tournament The Farewell Bobby Fischer which is now I guess the longest running Bobby Fischer memorial in the U.S. The tourney would be on April 20th so I figured hey I will play that day & stop all chess teaching & focus strictly on preparations for the mission because on the following day (April 21st) would be my missionary farewell. So it was a plan but then thrown into the mix was prom with my girlfriend Susan on April 19th, it was a very busy & stressful weekend!

Since my farewell I have played in two more tournaments & have been really focusing on getting ready to go. I have been spending a lot of time with family & friends as well as packing & gathering. Some days I have wasted time & goofed off which I don't like doing but it's all good. 

So these last two weeks have been really great, I have been spending even more time with friends & family saying good bye as the days wane. I am nearly completely packed I just have a few more things to gather then I am all set. This last weekend I had dinner with my family & spent our last Sunday together. I love my family & friends very much. I am going on a mission because I want to & believe it is the right thing to do. I am excited to go to Bulgaria to learn, grow, & become a better person with more wisdom & a language to boot! I have a lot of plans & ideas that I would like to do after my mission but I will have to just keep those put aside until I am done. 

I will post once more tomorrow then it will be doing emails to everyone & my mama will be in charge of this blog! Please feel free to leave comments, emails, thoughts, suggestions, etc


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