Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Introductory Post

Hello everybody this is Alexander Gustafsson (Elder Gustafsson) I am going on an LDS mission to Bulgaria for the next two years & I leave May 8th 2013 & will return May 8th 2015. My family & I have set up this blog so all my friends can see how I am doing & what I am doing while in Bulgaria. I personally will not be doing the blog but my parents will.
For the next two weeks I will be adding information to this blog myself though. We will be giving contact information as well as letters, experiences, & much more on here. Now a little bit about the mission & some of the rules concerning contact & such. For the first 6 weeks I will be in the Missionary Training Center (MTC) & will later be transferred to Bulgaria. I will be speaking Bulgarian which is a mixture of old Russian & Turkish. I will only be able to contact via email & letters (& every year two phone calls Mother's Day & Christmas) I hear the mailing system is pretty bad so I will most likely email more but it all depends on the mission rules which I will find out about when I arrive to Bulgaria. I already had my mission farewell which was April 21st & I am glad for all those who came to support me & say good bye.
Missions are hard but totally worth it & I am excited you all will be able to read about all my adventures & experiences. I hope to hear from you all!

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