Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Updates from Bulgaria March through May 2014

Hello Everyone, I am sending out a new update of letters from Alex’s Mission in Bulgaria!  I have been really behind but hopefully this will catch us up.
April 28 2014
This week has probably been one of the harder weeks of my mission but also the most rewarding. I have learned SO much this week.
So the time difference is for sure 9 hours. So right now I am typing at 10:40ish & it should be 1:40ish when you receive this email.
I received your package I loved it!:) The prunes were delicious haha. So some news is that we got transfer calls & I am remaining in Sofia & my new companion is Elder Greenacre from England & this will be his last transfer.
As a mission we have a challenge to read the Book of Mormon all the way through before July 1st & it has been an incredible experience. I have not been doing the challenge quite the right way haha I spent almost all week in 2 Nephi chapters 1-9. I was just searching so deeply & they were so powerful! One of the most spiritual study weeks of my mission.
I know whom I have trusted. My God has been my strength & support. I will rejoice & praise my God, the rock of my salvation forever!
I have consecrated my life to my Redeemer. My mission has changed my life & perspective. I have trusted in my Savior & I will trust in Him forever!
To build a foundation of unshakable faith begins first with faith on the Lord Jesus Christ. As we live with personal integrity; choosing the right consistently, living the gospel of Jesus Christ including all of its covenants, ordinances, & principles & then the most difficult part-Serving God & others persistently with full heart & soul.
Our power to endure will be in direct proportion to our spiritual strength & stamina. We must prepare every day because every day has new challenges. Today's faith will not be enough for tomorrow's battle.
I testify & know more fully that God loves us & that we can rely on Him wholly & completely.
For me you can build your daily spiritual stamina every day. Continue to pray for me & those I love.I am so grateful for the family's sacrifice.
Be true & faithful. Be the same in the dark as you are in the light.

Love your son, Elder Gustafsson

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