Tuesday, September 16, 2014

June 16th 2014

I am so impressed with the wonderful letter you have sent to me:) I am very touched by the story which led to your decision to serve a mission. Please share with Susan this wonderful story. I cannot wait to hear more:)

My week has been a week of miracles & blessings. I am so full with the spirit & determination to serve & love these people & the missionaries underneath my stewardship. Elder J& I have been working very hard but also with joy in our hearts & love for these people. 

On Thursday we set a goal to find someone on the street & have a lesson with them at 2.30. So we prayed & went out towards our intended destination. We hadn't even made it there yet & we found a young couple named Vacili&Ralitsa. We had a wonderful conversation & even met with them the next day. We know that the message we shared of faith & hope in Jesus Christ touched their hearts especially Ralitsa. I really care for them..hopefully they will have the desire to come again & learn more. 

I am just super excited! There were other miracles but I will tell dad &Ingela next. I am so glad you got to meet Brother S,

Thank you for the great photos:) I know that as we hope in the Atonement of Jesus Christ & exercise faith in Him it can change our lives & the lives of others. 

Love, Elder Gustafsson

June 23rd 2014

Thank you for the wonderful letter which you sent me:)
I first have to just tell you again, & I cannot tell you enough, what a key & significant role Brother S. has played in my life, not just my mission. I received his letter but he told me not to respond so I didn't haha because he wanted me to write you all first:) I can't wait to see him again.
It has been an incredible week with a lot of great things happening. We had mission conference with the whole mission & President Lawrence, President of the East European Area Presidency. He taught us how to be more successful missionaries: Using members, being obedient, talking with everyone, exercising faith (which was a whole process in itself), focusing on our goals, companionship unity, & the law of sacrifice. These things are actually life lessons! I have learned so many life lessons on my mission but the trick is always applying them:)
We are working with a man named Zdravko& he is way cool & is progressing so well. We meet with him at least every other day. His date for baptism is July 12th so please pray for him & his date specifically in each prayer. I am really enjoying my time with Elder J, he is a really good missionary:) He is exactly obedient & always wants to improve! He has been such a blessing to me in my missionary work.
We have tons to do!!! We will keep going!
Love your son! Elder Gustafsson
 I wouldn't be who I am today without your love & example

June 30th 2014

This week has been another week of miracles in the mission! We had a baptismal goal of 10 for the month of June & we only had 4 baptized. So this last week the entire mission made a few goals to make it happen. We prayed every prayer for the goals, we made personal sacrifices of our own free will, & gave baptismal interviews for people who were ready for baptism.
With all of the effort we reached the goal of baptizing 10 by baptized 11! 7 people were baptized this last Saturday & it was incredible! What a miracle!
Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven. I don't know what all of this will mean in the future, I can't see the end from where I am now so I know that it is true faith!
So before you send your package to me (hopefully with the same peanut butter which Grandma sent:))

Love your son, Elder Gustafsson

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