Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bulgaria Week 3 and 1/2

Elder Gustafsson, Elder S and Anton

Family and friends

So much to respond to & so little time.  

Things are great! I have truly been learning how to rely on God through prayer. So in answer to finding your flash drive pray & look pray & look. We must make our prayers happen as best as possible. 

We have a cockroch problem? haha I have never seen any in my entire life until now. We are taking the appropriate measures. 

We work & work & work & work. I love every second. I don't want to waste any moment. Because I will never have this time again. I will never be closer to God.

I cannot explain what I learn here. It is too difficult to describe over email. 

I had a trial last week. Everything is fine so please don't  worry or anything, please. I was having horrible pain in my mouth, neck, & teeth on the left side. Pain killers wouldn't really stop it. I couldn't eat. I prayed so much. I just had to endure because the dentist saw no problem. The pain would come randomly & I couldn't move. It was just horrible. But I did our work regardless. I just prayed & prayed & prayed for strength to endure. 

I learned so many lessons. It lasted for about 6 days. 

But it healed. Whatever was wrong with me. I learned how fragile life is & how much I rely on God every day. I would always think about all those who had real pains & trials before me. I thought of  pioneers, Alma, family members. Then suddenly it didn't hurt as bad. So I kept going. 

So everything is good now:) we are talking to a lot of people. Lots of voices of warning. Lots of testifying. 

We finally have a progressing investigator who has a lot of potential. He came to church, we are meeting again, he is doing committments. So pray for him, his name is Anton. 

I will send some pictures. I love it here. I can't imagine leaving this place already. 

I love you all. Be grateful for what you have in America. Because there are so many resources we don't have here. I can't even explain.

I love you, stay close to God. Pray & study. Show gratitude every day. God is there I promise. 

-Elder Gustafsson

So last week I mentioned we met Anton (which was the Friday before last P-day.) & we had met with him 3 times & he came to church. He is 23 & is a great guy. We have met with him everyday since then & have taught him every day. Last week we had the privilege to invite him to be baptized. 

He accepted. He will be baptized this Saturday:) we have been doing a lot for this. But that is the plan. He has accepted & committed to all things except we are having our last commandment lesson on tithing. Please pray for him & for us that the Spirit will be there to testify to him. He has been so prepared. His entire countenance is different. I am so happy. 

We will continue working with him & find more souls because there are more.

I am so humbled & grateful to be a part of missionary work.

One thing I have learned is that I will a missionary for the rest of my life. Be a member missionary! Don't get too wrapped up in your own lives! There are people out there who need the gospel! Be an example, do good continually. Strengthen your family! There is more work to be done than I can imagine. 

The first & foremost thing I can testify of & invite you to do is put God first in your life.

Love God & love one another. 

Study General Conference (again if need be) it is for us, for our benefit. Please take part in the blessings. Personal study is a must! It has changed me. Have family home evening! Strengthen your family! Love them & attend the temple. 

I love it here. I want to just work & work & work & work. I have weaknesses, soo many. I hope I can put on the attributes & character of Christ.

I love you all so much. I love hearing from you, when I get an email I respond. 

Love, Elder Gustafsson

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